Welcome to the AAA Gaming Institute

We are a Game Institute based in Mombasa, Kenya. We are a Social Entreprise that invests in the development of Gaming & Multimedia Talent and Products.

Our Projects

Koozooker Game Jam Platform

Koozooker is the name of our R&D Lab for Collaborative Game Development

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Open Source Game Developer (OSGD)

The Open Source Gaming Technology Blog. We feature various topics on our Game Tech R&D.

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Koozooker Labs

Our Gaming Technology R&D Lab

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Our R&D

Modifying the Love2D Engine

We attempted to create custom modules for the Love2D Engine

Source Code

Defold Android Battery Extension

Developed an Android Battery Status Extension on Defold

Source Code Deployment on Defold Asset Store

The Lost Hero GGJ 2021 Submission

Global Game Jam 2021 Submission for the theme - lost and found

Play the Game on itch.io

Modification of Defold's GBRausers

Modified the GBRausers Game on the Defold Engine

Play it on itch.io